Hi!  I’m Kim, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ (UCC).  I serve in ministry with the good people of United Church in Tallahassee, Florida.  (Check us out!  https://www.uctonline.org/

My husband Allen Mullinax and I–along with our two cats, Gracie and Dayo–moved to Tallahassee in March 2022.  Gracie is solid black and is named for my favorite monastery:  Our Lady of Grace in Beech Grove, Indiana.  Dayo is a Yoruban name that means “joy arrives.”  Dayo is a small tuxedo-looking kitty.  Joy truly did arrive when Dayo and Gracie entered our lives in November 2010.

Allen is a pastoral counselor and church musician.  We are partners both in ministry and in life.  Life with Allen is a real kick!

I started my adult life as an elementary school music teacher (Lawton, Oklahoma), eventually felt a call to children’s ministry (because that was what I had seen women do in church), and went to seminary in Louisville, Kentucky (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary).  Because the Southern Baptist Convention was very anti-women in ministry when I graduated (1992), I followed my professors’ advice and began PhD work.  (NOTE:  PhD work should never be a “plan B!”)

While doing doctoral studies at Emory University, my call was further clarified–I knew at last that I was called to pastor.  Happily, Virginia-Highland Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA recognized my gifts for ministry and ordained me.  After serving at Virginia-Highland for 18 months, a Pastor’s position opened at Pilgrimage UCC in Marietta, GA, where I served for 16 years.  After Pilgrimage, I served First Congregational Church in Asheville, North Carolina.  Now I serve United Church in Tallahassee…and am very happy to be here!

I’ve started this blog, first, as an archive for my sermons.  I’m also doing it because I find living the faith life is easier when we share our struggles with each other.  I am hopeful that as I share my struggles with faith, you will share yours, as well.  Perhaps in the dialogue, we all will be strengthened and, through our sharing, draw just a little bit closer to God.

Welcome to the conversation!

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