Youth Sunday!

Yesterday’s worship service was AMAZING…under the able direction of one of our adults, the kids planned the entire service. They welcomed, they ushered, they prayed, they took up the offering, they preached, they sang…it was a phenomenal worship experience.

Then adults and kids met in Sunday school to debrief the worship service. Here’s some of what I heard: Youth: “Our youth group became a little closer working on this service.” Adult: Oh, man. I don’t remember anything specifically…but there was tender sharing all around the room. Aduls listened to teenagers, teenagers listened to adults, we told each other we loved each other. (Okay. One adult did say that our church was “groovy.” I said that I thought that if you said you were groovy, you probably weren’t.)

Sunday we definitely mucked around in the holy. A tremendous experience.

I’ll end with an image and a quote…IMAGE: Children’s Time–6 or 7 children and 10 teenagers gathered together in the front of the church. In that gathering, we saw the church’s future…and it was very bright.

QUOTE: Youth (at the end of Sunday School…in tears t the adults): “I just love you guys, and I love this place.”

A bright future, indeed…

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  1. I wish I could have been there! Sounds remarkable.

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