Icons at St. Greg’s

Two days ago, I was reading a spiritual memoir called “take this bread,” by Sara Miles.  A die hard atheist (or maybe agnostic), this liberal-as-they-come-lesbian-journalist wandered into a church one day and received communion.  It changed her life.

The part I read two days ago was about her church, St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco.  Among her descriptions of the church (which I MUST visit some day!) was a blurb about the 91 “saints” icons painted (or written) at the church.

African American iconographer, Mark Dukes, wrote the icons of the saints of the community of St. Greg’s, a multi-racial group of social justice loving artists.  Dukes wrote icons of an interesting array of saints…not all of them “saints,” per se…not all even Christian.  But each meant something in the life of St. Gregory’s.

Here’s the really neat part of all this…two days ago I was reading this chapter that described the icons.  Yesterday, I received an email from All Saints something that had a link to the icons!  How’s that for the working of the Holy Spirit?  Pretty cool to read about something one day and then have a link to views the pictures the next day.

And now I get to share them with you!  Here’s the link.  http://www.allsaintscompany.org/dancing-saints-all-icons

Were you an iconographer, which saints would you write?


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1 Response to Icons at St. Greg’s

  1. Dan Burner says:

    So nice to read your blog and thanks for sharing the link to our website. All Saints Company is the private foundation that founded St. Gregory of Nyssa in the 70s. Now the two founding Rectors continue their work in the church but apart from the parish they founded.

    Here is a link to an article about Sara that talks about a radio piece about her that played today today on one NPR affiliate station.


    Thanks again for your interest in our work and sharing the Dancing Saints.


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