Meeting Patricia Sprinkle

I had arrived early for the Interfaith Children’s Movement meeting at MUST Ministries in Cobb County. Our agenda for the day was preparing for ICM’s Day at the Capitol.

As I waited for the receptionist to find out where we were meeting, a woman came up to me, asked if I was there for the ICM meeting and introduced herself as Patty Sprinkle. The name struck a chord. Then it hit me. “Do you write novels?” I asked. “Why, yes I do!” she said.

I love the novels of Patricia Sprinkle! I’ve read every one of them (except the latest, which I hadn’t know about). There are three mystery series and a few other novels.  All are set in the South, many in Georgia.  (Sheila Travis does spend some time in Chicago, I believe.)  

For a full accounting of all of Patricia’s work, visit her website:

The newest book, “Friday’s Daughter,” is set in the North Georgia mountains.  Can’t wait to read it!  AND…Patty has grciously agreed to come discuss the book with the Pilgrimage Book Club on April 12 at 7:00 p.m.  If you’re in the area, please come!  (

While it was thrilling to meet a favorite author, what was even more impressive about last Thursday’s encounter was learning just how much advocacy work Ms. Sprinkle does.  In addition to working with ICM ( and MUST Ministries (, she works with She Is Safe (, an organization that works to eliminate the exploitation of women and children in India.

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