Ellen came to church!

No….not THAT Ellen!  But our Ellen–Ellen Green–came to church yesterday.

I remember Ellen as the 8th grader who came to sit with me while the Pilgrimage congregation voted on whether or not to call me.  Even as an 8th grader, Ellen showed great maturity and was a gracious host during that anxious few minutes.

One of the joys of being a long-term pastor–I’ve been at Pilgrimage 11 years now–is watching the teenagers and children grow into adulthood.  To see them graduate from high school and college, to watch them find their life’s calling and pursue it.  Sometimes, even to marry them.  What an amazing gift being a local church pastor is!

Watching all the children and teens grow up is wonderful.  What’s very, very cool, though, is to see one of those teens follow a call into ministry.  After graduating from Reed College, Ellen spent a couple of years (I think that’s right) living and working in a L’Arche community.  Now, she’s just completed her first year at Harvard Divinity School.  Yes.  Ellen feels called to ministry and wishes to be ordained.

See what I mean!  SO.  VERY.  COOL!!!!!!

Also at church yesterday, we baptized 9 month old Cade Lumpkin.  As a congregation, we pledged to nurture Cade into the Christian faith until he is able to claim it for himself.  Ellen was able to hear her call to ministry–in part–because of the love and nurture of her community of faith.  Both Cade’s and Ellen’s journey are beautiful reminders to all of us in the faith community of just how important our task as nurturers of our children is.

Thanks be to God!

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