Day 1 Taping (for broadcast 10/28)

Taped the Day 1 sermon on Friday.  I so love that process!  Peter Wallace is such a likable guy…and is so good at what he does.  As is Donald, the sound guy.

Here’s how it went…

When I got there, we video-taped a meditation on Matt. 5:37a–“Let you yes be yes and your no be no.”  (This one gave my Southern accent a little workout.)  My first experience with a teleprompter!  Very fun.  The meditations are supposed to be 2 – 3 minutes.  I came in at 2:12!  Cool.  I’m not sure, but I think it might be on youtube.  Check out to see.

Next, we audio taped the sermon.  Again, so much fun….except for the part where there’s no congregation and I can’t speak too loudly and where sudden movements are counter-productive.  No, seriously.  It’s fun to do the sermon, then to do re-takes.  And then, of course, the playbacks.  It’s always so strange to hear my voice on playback…kind of surreal.

After the sermon, we tape the interviews.  Okay.  I’m going to be honest with you–I don’t excel at the interviews.  If we did the interviews a day after I’ve thought through all the questions, they would be phenomenal…I’m just not that great in the moment (which is why I’m a manuscript preacher!).  So.  If you listen to the sermon when it’s broadcast and the interviews sound okay, just know that Peter and Donald did a fanstastic editing job!

Oh, yeah.  The sermon will be broadcast on Sunday, October 28.  Go to the Day 1 Website to see if there’s a radio station near you.  (After 10/28, it’ll be available on the website.)  Website:

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  1. Kymberly Buchanan says:

    This is so awesome, Kim! Love you!

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