Blessing of the Animals

What fun!

It’s been a couple of years since we had a Blessing of the Animals service at Pilgrimage.  Today we had 24 people and 19 pets join together for this beautiful (and sometimes loud!) celebration.  Sixteen of the 19 were dogs.  The other three were goldfish.  (The dog lover in me had LOTS of fun…I had some explaining to do when I returned home to my cats, Gracie and Dayo this afternoon!)

Our pets are so important to us, aren’t they?  They love us–unconditionally.  They remind us of the basics of life–eating well and cuddling up together or going for a walk or two every day.

At the 8:30 service this morning, we even had a healing ritual for someone’s dog (The dog is having cancer surgery this week.)  There’s something real–and special–about our connections to our pets.  They keep us connected to God’s creation in a way nothing else can.

Thank God for animals!

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