All Souls Day

One of the first things you learn when you start hanging out with nuns, is just how important the cemetery is to them.  Want to take a walk?  “Let’s go to the cemetery.”  Need a place to talk?  “Let’s go to the cemetery.”  Need get a little perspective on life?  “Get thee to the cemetery.”

At first, I thought this obsession with the cemetery a little unseemly…and kind of morbid.  The longer I hang out with the sisters, though–and the more trips I take to the cemetery myself–the more I find it to be an energizing trip.  All those sisters…each one living a faithful life…and now at least two of them having impacted my own faith journey…I find strength and courage from visiting them.  And when I remember that for all the sisters whose graves I can see, there is no more suffering, there is no more sadness, there is only complete joy in being with their God…that makes me a little happy, too.

In my mind and heart today, I plan to visit the graves of those who’ve gone before me–Granny Jett and Pa Joe…my first boss, Principal Carolyn Mayes…my Old Testament professor Page Kelley…to name only a few.  People who have guided me on my life’s journey and my faith journey.  People whom I have loved and who I know loved me.  As I visit these residents in my own “cloud of witnesses,” I will draw strength and courage and joy.  And I will offer deep and resonant Thanks!

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I'm a pastor who's working out her faith...just like everyone else.
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