Month of Gratitude: Day 2 (Artists Who Help Us Experience God)

I was at the church last night getting my first glimpse at the new wall art that’s being installed in our sanctuary.  Stained glass artist Merridy Palmer and her partner Mary have created a magnificent, multi-colored depiction of baptism.  It is stunning

Last night as she worked, Mary told me that one day last week two young women—Mormons on mission—walked up to their workshop to share the good news.  Attached to the wall in the workshop was the artwork that now is installed on Pilgrimage’s church wall.  As the young woman stared gaped-mouthed at the sculpture, Mary explained the baptism symbolism, which the women understood completely.  Then Mary said, “Don’t you think I’m doing God’s work?”  Still slack-jawed in amazement, the young women nodded vigorously, then went on their way.

Having stood slack-jawed myself, staring in wonder at the wonder they created, I concur:  Merridy and Mary have done God’s work.  I can preach sermons about baptism and teach classes about baptism and do baptisms.  I might even write a poem or a story or a song about baptism.  But none of that will express the meaning and depth of baptism like the new artwork in our sanctuary.

Today, I offer profound thanks for the visual artists among us, those who help us see the things of God in new ways.

To see more of Merridy’s artwork, visit her website:

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