Month of Gratitude: Day 3 (My job!)

I don’t even know where to begin.  I know so many people who are unemployed, or under-employed, or in jobs that put food on the table but fail to feed their spirits.  Talking with so many who are mis-matched in their employment, I know how rare it is to find work you truly love.

Count me lucky.

Today’s worship service—where we celebrated the installation of a stunning artistic representation of  baptism and remembered our loved ones who have died—reminded me of just how much I love my job.

This post by a Pilgrimage member on the Pilgrimage UCC FB page (Like us!) reminded me again.

I know I’m not a frequent FB poster. Much less about anything religious or controversial. But I had a really neat conversation with my kids today (Oct. 16) that I’d like to share, given that Friday was National Coming Out Day and tomorrow is Spirit Day.  It went something like this. . .

5-year-old DAUGHTER:  I want to move to Massachusetts so I can marry Christina and live there with her.  (Why she knows what states allow gay marriage is a conversation for another day.)

9-year-old SON:  You couldn’t do that in Georgia.

ME:  That’s right.

SON:  (Quite consternated.)  Why?

ME:  Because some people believe that women shouldn’t love women and men shouldn’t love men, and only men and women should get married.

SON:  You don’t think that.

ME:  No.

SON:  They can get married at OUR church.

ME:  That’s right.  Our church thinks people should be accepted for who they are.  Remember the tall woman with the deep voice (a transgender church member) you asked me about?  Some people think it’s wrong that she would like us to treat her as a woman and not let her be in their church.  Some people might even bully her.

SON:  That’s awful.

DAUGHTER:  We don’t bully people.  Not anyone.

SON:  (Smiling.)  I’m glad we go to our church.

Thank you, Pilgrimage UCC, for exposing my children to so much diversity and acceptance that they think LGBT folks and families are the norm.


Thank you, Pilgrimage UCC, for allowing me to be part of such an amazing congregation!

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