Sabbatical: The “Hidden Treasures” Begin!

Today, I make the first down payment on the plane tickets to Ireland and the second installment of the cost for the Ireland tour.  It’s really getting real now!

This sabbatical has taken a lot of planning; there are lots of details to attend to.  As intense as the planning has been and will continue to be, I know there will be “hidden treasures” along the way, little “jewels” of experience that weren’t planned.  I had my first “hidden treasure” experience yesterday!

While poking around on FB, I saw a post from a friend from seminary, Cindy Winter.  I had totally forgotten that Cindy lives in Portland, OR, the first place I’ll be visiting on sabbatical.  Cindy and I haven’t seen each other….I know it’s been over a decade.  I messaged her to see if she’ll be around while I’m in Portland.  She messaged back that she WILL be in town and would love to see me!  Yahoo!

I can’t wait to see what other “hidden treasures” I’ll find on this sabbatical pilgrimage!

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I'm a pastor who's working out her faith...just like everyone else.
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