Barbara Kingsolver on Community

Got this quote from a church member’s Chipotle cup:

“The ancient human social construct that once was common in this land was called community.  We lived among our villagers, depending on them for what we needed.  If we had a problem, we did not discuss it over the phone with someone in Mumbai.  We went to a neighbor.  We acquired food from farmers.  We listened to music in groups, in churches or on front porches.  We danced.  We participated.  Even when there was no money in it.  Community is our native state.  You play hardest for a hometown crowd.  You become your best self.  You know joy.  This is not a guess; there is evidence.  The scholars who study social well-being can put it on charts and graphs.  In the last 30 years our material wealth has increased in this country, but our self-described happiness has steadily declined.  Elsewhere, the people who consider themselves very happy are not in the very poorest nations, as you might guess, nor in the very richest.  The winners are Mexico, Ireland, Puerto Rico–the kinds of places we identify with extended family, noisy villages, a lot of dancing.  The happiest people are the ones with the most community.”

Amen, Barbara!

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