Colorful Creator #2: Rainbow Boy

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Today, Pilgrimage hosted the delightful singer-songwriter, Bobby Jo Valentine.  This was Bobby Jo’s second visit to Pilgrimage.  (His first happened while I was on sabbatical.)  So wonderful to hear a full-on concert at our very own church!  I’m kind of amazed at what Bobby Jo can do with his voice.  Wow!

In the midst of his singing, Bobby Jo shared his story with us.  Raised in a fundamentalist Christian community, Bobby Jo’s gift for songwriting wasn’t appreciated.  Nor was his homosexuality.  After years of hiding who he was, Bobby Jo finally was able to come out as a gay man AND as a singer-songwriter!  I told him this afternoon–and I’m telling you now–I am so glad Bobby has found the place where he belongs!

As you know, I’m the tiniest bit obsessed with the colors in our sanctuary these days.  Later in the week, I’ll share a couple more of the pictures I took today.  For now I want to share two more of Bobby.

For the first part of the concert, Bobby stood on the platform.  Had I been able to take video, it would have captured a beautiful young man literally dancing in the rainbow.  The two pictures below catch just a tiny bit of the color and light that bathed Bobby this afternoon.  How appropriate that this one who is living his true colors was–for this day–our Rainbow Boy!

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Check out Bobby Jo’s website:

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