Finding My Way to Prayer

A friend of mine serves as chaplain at a maximum security prison for men. I once asked her how she has the strength to go to work every day. Her response: I pray. There’s no way I could face what each day holds if I didn’t reconnect with God.

That was the first time I’d heard someone speak of prayer as a means of spiritual survival. My friend HAS to pray to maintain her soul in a place where the spiritual life is not nurtured.

As I continue trying to find my way with my prayer life, that’s what’s becoming clear to me: prayer is a means of spiritual survival. The method, time, words, silence of prayer…all that is peripheral. The most important part of prayer is connecting with the source of all life, the source of all spiritual strength, the one, as we say at church every week, the one who has loved us, loves us now, and will always love us. Connected to the source of all love and life, I feel as though I can face whatever the day might hold…

…most days.

Peace for your journey.

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I'm a pastor who's working out her faith...just like everyone else.
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1 Response to Finding My Way to Prayer

  1. Jamie Hinely says:

    Brother Lawrence helped me to think in that same direction – especially his emphasis on connecting with God with amazing frequency, rather than on the content of prayer.

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