Waking Up to (Your) Life

The most exciting thing as a pastor–THE most exciting thing–is accompanying someone as he or she wakes up to his or her life…

That happened last night. Someone had had an experience that lit a flame in his core; he shared it with me. As he spoke, his eyes brightened, he became more animated, he opened himself to possibilities he’d never before considered. Though I’ve never seen one, it felt like witnessing a birth.

Maybe that’s why Jesus used birth imagery with Nicodemus… Awaking to one’s life–to the one life God intends us to live–is like experiencing new birth. It is, in a word, miraculous.

I think I might have witnessed a miracle last night. A miracle! Can you believe this is the work to which I have been called? HOW GREAT IS THAT? Thanks be to God!

Peace for your journey…

About reallifepastor

I'm a pastor who's working out her faith...just like everyone else.
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3 Responses to Waking Up to (Your) Life

  1. Diane says:

    This is good! I’m glad to find your blog and looking forward to reading it.

  2. Michelle Nickodemus says:

    Thanks for sharing, Kim. I love your enthusiasm for your vocation… it’s a good reminder for me of why I’m in this when it’s most frustrating and messy. Keep up the thoughts — I’ll be looking for them.
    Peace – Michelle

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